Myanmar Deco TBSP Special Products Company Limited or DECO- TBSP is the first international manufacturer specializing in security printing in Myanmar and officially obtained the business permit from the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC).The Company has been established in 2017 as a joint venture of three parties, Deco-Land Group (or "DECO"), the number one paper trader in Myanmar for more than 40 years, the investor who has a business knowledge and experiences related to banking industry, and TBSP Public Company Limited (or “TBSP”), a leading manufacturer in security printing and solutions in Thailand for 40 years.


With the shared vision of creating a new phenomenon in Myanmar's security printing business by combining the strengths and synergies of these three parties, we ensure to customers with our experiences, expertise and efficiency of security printing aligned with international standard.

In the era of heightened security concerns, we are highly aware of the importance of the role of confidential documents in our lives. Our mission aims to create the products which prevent your important documents form counterfeiting. Meeting your business requirements and concerns, we can create your competitive advantages in your business sector in which you are currently operating in for being a sustainable market leader.